Partnerships are crucial to building solid and interoperable ecosystems in decentralized finance.

Badger is more than a decentralized protocol for creating and managing Organizations and Badges. We believe in building a thriving ecosystem of partners who share our vision for creating a decentralized and interoperable future. Our partners bring unique perspectives and capabilities, helping us drive innovation and build better user solutions.

By partnering with Badger, our partners have access to powerful tools for creating and managing decentralized Organizations and Badges. They can leverage our infrastructure to save time and effort on development and focus on what they do best - creating value for their users.

In turn, Badger users can benefit from the innovative services and products our partners offer, expanding the capabilities of the Badger ecosystem and providing new opportunities for growth and collaboration.

📊 MetricsDAO

MetricsDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that empowers its members to create and curate community-driven metrics for measuring the success and impact of blockchain projects. MetricsDAO's commitment to community-driven metrics aligns perfectly with our mission to help organizations create meaningful connections with their members and stakeholders.

Using Badger to drive access in their onchain Labor Market, MetricsDAO has easily organized groups of analysts using complex combinations.

🔐 N-Badge

N-Badge is an access control system that uses on-chain Badges to power complex function gating. It builds on top of Badger and enables flexible gating upon complex logic, making it simple to access precise demographics without needing a complex signature engine.

The system offers different authority checks, including:

  • NBMultiBalance checks if a user has aggregate permission to access an on-chain resource with mandatory and optional badges from different SFT collections.

  • NBMultiBalancePoints utilizes summed points based on the points relative to each badge, enabling more socially-defined access control.

  • Finally, NBIDPacked checks if a user has permission to access an on-chain resource using only mandatory badges belonging to the same Organization, providing the most efficient way to secure critical pieces of the system while maintaining operational flexibility and effectiveness.

With the help of Badger, N-Badge brings an entirely new way to secure smart contracts.

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