Facilitate decentralized flexibly permissioned teamwork with Wonderverse & Badger.

Using Wonderverse, Organizations and Pods can manage work across distributed teams through streamlined task workflows with customizable permissions and reward mechanisms.

The below covers how to establish role level permissions in Wonderverse with Badger with or without Guild as a middle integration. For more detailed information about setting up Wonderverse for your organization, view their docs.

With Guild

A native integration with Guild makes it straightforward to extend your teams workspace to the Wonderverse.

Connect your Guild to Wonderverse in the Integration Settings.

Define a token gate using the Guild Role that was established based on your Badger Organization's contract address and the token ID(s) of the Badge(s).

Navigate to Pod level Roles definition and add a token gate.

Connect the Role with the established token gate and manage the permissions of the role within that Wonder pod.

Without Guild

Wonderverse may also be integrated with your Badger Organization without requiring use of Guild though there may be some limitations to the level of permission management.

A new token gate can be defined using the contract address of your Badger Organization and a minimum holding amount.

Note that as of October 2022, Wonderverse does not support token gates based on ERC-1155 token IDs. Due to this limitation, operators who opt to use Badger and Wonderverse without using Guild will need to be mindful of their token distribution.

Operators may issue multiple levels of permissioned Badges and require a Wonderverse use to hold a multiple levels of permission. Badges may also be used in a more fungible manner and token gates may be established based on the accumulation of Badges.

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