🕑Legacy Versions

Badger is designed to live as an immutable primitive that can be extended using Managers and Hooks. Due to this, versions predating the standardized primitive are deprecated.

The team at Badger understands how troublesome it can be to put in all that work and then release an update that pushes you into an old version.

Don't worry; you're not stuck on an old version.

You can find the legacy interface at http://legacy.trybadger.com.

Migrating to a new version of Badger

Before V6, we could not offer a simple migration process; however, when updating to a Organization that is V6 or greater, we can handle everything for you in one click.

Migrating to a new version is painless:

  • The same metadata is used, meaning IPFS and the same off-chain data are automatically adopted.

  • If an Organization does not migrate, then the data will persist.

There are two options when migrating an Organization:

  1. Contact the Badger team on Twitter.

  2. Run the migration script in Github.

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