🦡What is Badger?

A decentralized and immutable middle-out credential management protocol for EVM-based Organizations and consumers.

Badger is an opinionated-by-default primitive designed to deploy and drive the actions of on-chain Organizations and their members using ERC-1155 Badges.

The protocol smart contracts have been designed to remove the need to include any opinionated logic in the core contracts while maintaining the ability of a user-specific solution. With a strong foundation, almost every management functionality can be altered, extended, and blocked.

The Problem

While the adoption of the blockchain continues to grow, the user experience of managing and using protocols has only become more difficult due to noise and lack of standardization.

Without a seamless way to manage onchain permissions, many are forced to pay for transactions by uploading duplicate data, have inefficient management processes, and make further security compromises putting billions of dollars at risk.

Even those following the recommended and best practices must operate in a web of complexity where access control is managed in 20 different apps.

Doing anything more than a single-party transaction is time-consuming, risky, and inefficient.

The Solution

Many tools available for onchain organizations offer layered permission through token-gating, and using Badger makes it simple to take advantage of the benefits.

Instead of explicitly tracking addresses on every app, a community manager or system administrator can define roles using Guild.xyz based on Badge ownership. Empowered to use onchain data in all places of the web, other examples include token-gating access to workflows on decentralized project management tracking tools such as Wonderverse.

While the existing tools support ERC-1155 tokens and Badges, they do not cover the distribution or management of the people receiving the token.

Badger allows you to issue Badges representing object-based permissions within your Organization. By representing these permission levels with onchain tokens, the Organization can immediately integrate with all available on-chain tooling in the broader ecosystem.

Badger gives flexible control over how organizational policies are deployed and managed.

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