Hold votes among your Badge members using Snapshot & Badger.

Using the Snapshot, an Organization can define a voting strategy based on the balance of an ERC-1155 token ID.

The below covers how to use Badges within a Snapshot voting strategy. For more comprehensive information about setting up a Snapshot space, view their docs.

The below code block may be used with the erc1155-balance-of strategy. Simply adjust the parameters to match the values of your organization

  "symbol": "[TOKEN_SYMBOL]",
  "address": "[CONTRACT_ADDRESS]", 
  "tokenId": "[TOKEN_ID]", 
  "decimals": 0

Additional parameters may be set using Snapshot including various thresholds, the combination of multiple voting strategies, and even more sophisticated ERC-1155 based strategy templates.

See it in action: MetricsDAO's Snapshot

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