👁️Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is simple: Lower the barrier of efficient onchain credential management and use for everyone.

The Mission

The dawn of the blockchain has unlocked a world of extremely powerful onchain mechanisms. Unfortunately, the mechanisms honoring achievements, permitting protocol access, and securing multi-sigs access to the blockchain have remained difficult to use and manage.

Badger aims to bring the power of improved credentials to every person in Web3 with the power of onchain Badges.

The Vision

Harnessing the power of on-chain validation and off-chain gates means unlocking the ability to create, edit, and manage the keys to all the locks within a Web3 organization.

Without a single line of code required, an organization maintains the ability to remain composable and interoperable while still having the ability to write custom solutions and extend the base primitive.

  • Can manage without deploying any code.

  • Can implement custom off-chain integrations with code.

  • Can implement interoperable on-chain integrations with code.

Badger lies beyond the frontier. We're building primitives that enable granular and use-case agnostic features.

Any Web3 organization can unlock the benefits of a key-locked access model by choosing the features and product extensions needed for your Organization.

Badger is Home for those pursuing the dream of truly effective blockchain use at an organizational level. This is larger than work. This is organization management at its rawest.

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