Manage Discord, Telegram, GitHub, and other access roles with Guild & Badger.

Automated membership management for the platforms your community already uses. Guild allows token networks to easily gate access to widely used tools such as Discord, Telegram, GitHub, and Google Docs.

When establishing a Role in Guild, you will need to use the contract address and token ID of the desired ERC-1155 token(s). This information is available in the UI, on Polygonscan, and through other token data aggregators.

Opensea’s Details section surfaces this information well.

When setting up Roles in Guild, select an NFT Requirement on Polygon.

Enter the Contract Address and use the Custom ID Requirement type to set the Token ID.

Using this set up, any address that holds Token ID 0 of this contract will be recognized by Guild as meeting the requirements of that role.

Thanks to Guild’s integrations, you can now easily use on-chain Badges to manage access to Discord channels, GitHub repositories, and more!

Note that Guild allows flexible usage of Custom ID, Attribute, or Amount gating. This provides extreme flexibility with Badge implementation when defining roles in Guild.

See it in action: MetricsDAO's Guild

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