Run an on-chain contest amongst Badge holders with JokeDAO & Badger

Contests let your community submit options and vote on them on any major chain. You may use them for governance, endorsements, curation, bounties, grants, giveaways, or games.

The above is directly copied from the JokeDAO Contest set up. The below will show how to pull data about your organization and how to distribute tokens to voters.

JokeDAO requires the issuance of ERC20 tokens through their interface. For this reason, Badges cannot be used in JokeDAO Contests natively and we must gather data based on Badge membership to distribute our JokeDAO voting tokens.

This parameterized Flipside query enables you to download a list of Badge holders for an organization. The result set includes a record for each wallet and each token ID they wold as well as their balance.

This dataset can be downloaded an manipulated to generate a distribution list for JokeDAO voting tokens. This parameterized Flipside query allows you to narrow in on an organization, a specific token ID, and to establish a Badge balance multiplier.

After using JokeDAO to create your voting token and Flipside to identify your distribution list Disperse.app, Utopia, Parcel, or any other multi-send tool can be used to distribute voting tokens to your Badge holders.

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